Baby Banana Brush and Tooth Gel Buying Review

Each parent knows the importance of hygiene. Without it, children would fall sick or diarrhea often, something that harms their health. One of the activities a child learns to love and carry out twice or more a day is brushing the teeth and tongue.

This is a good habit that allows the child to feel free and to make friends with ease since they are readily accepted by peers. Training in this activity has been made a lot easier with classy toothbrushes that are designed for the grip of little hands with colors that captivate young minds to create good feelings towards brushing the teeth.

baby banana brush

Imagine the love that goes into the process of designing this toothbrush. Only soft bristles are used to make sure that a baby’s gum is not harmed or hurt. What is more, the toothbrush comes with its matching paste that is soft and good tasting to create a longing for the brushing process.

Flexibility of the bristles and the little header makes the child go through the brushing process in an easy yet enjoyable way. Anyone can tell that it is simply for kids from the package and the colors included in the pack.

Confidence is raised when you realize that the brush and paste are medically tested and fit for a little child. One of the active ingredients is medical grade silicon to ensure clean mouth and fresh breath even though the child is not very thorough with the brushing process. The toothbrush is easy to care for too. A child may not be trusted to do a great job in cleaning their brush after use.

Good news is that this brush can be washed in upper rack of the dishwasher to make sure that it is safe for use by your little one. Real hygiene will keep them safe and clean from inside to the outside.

The designer brush has been made with a child in mind and it has no noxious elements. It can be frozen from time to time to make sure that there are no harmful objects yet it does not harden the bristles! Brushing will prove to be fun and rewarding. Each child should have this pack.

Although they may initially need help in using the paste, they soon learn how to press on the right amounts and to brush thoroughly each time they do it. Supervision is necessary too as the child learns how to brush on their own till they get used to the activity.

Spry training tooth gel has been included in this combo pack and it does a great job. It has been made from natural xylitol to make it safe for little ones.

Children do not have as much restraint as adults have but they are going to acquire it with time. Good news to parents is that the fluoride free paste is safe to be swallowed.

It causes no medical harm. It is a product of research that has been manufactured in India. It is a must have in every home if children are to stay fresh and love their dental formula.

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